On-Chart Guide
On-Chart Guide

We've added on-chart guides to allow for an easier experience upon first using the tool.

You can disable these guides by hovering "TradingMaster AI" on the top left of your chart and pressing the ⚙️ icon to access the settings and toggling "Show Instructions & Guides" Off.


SIGNAL Arrows, Square Lines & Background
SIGNAL Arrows, Square Lines & Background

Our buy/sell signals are designed to suit your style! Choose from simple up and down arrows or go with green and red backgrounds to spot market trends at a glance. Prefer a clear-cut view? The square line indicator gives a straightforward depiction of market directions. Customize it your way, for a trading experience that's just right for you!

All three display methods display the exact same thing.


Onda Candles™

When you can't read a fucking chart - they'll do it for you.

Trend Magnitude Determination

Onda Candles excel in identifying trend magnitudes significantly better than traditional candlesticks or Heikin Ashi. This is achieved by utilizing a part-AI algorithm which is able to discern subtle shifts and patterns in the market more accurately.

Selective Data Representation

Unlike traditional candlesticks, which display open, high, low, and close values for each period, Onda Candles filter out the noise by selectively representing data based on the ongoing trend:
In an uptrend, the candles ignore the open and low values, focusing primarily on the high values to accurately track the bullish momentum.
Conversely, in a downtrend, the candles ignore the open and high values, giving prominence to the low values, which help in tracking the bearish momentum effectively.

Retaining Key Data Points

While the Onda Candles minimize noise by ignoring certain data points, they still retain the essential information where the price rejects, indicating potential reversals or continuations in the trend. This enables traders to spot lucrative entry or exit points with higher precision.

Superior Trend-Based Data Analysis

Onda Candles provide trend-based data analysis that is profoundly superior to any other tools available in the market. By harnessing the power of AI algorithms, these candles offer an unmatched insight into market dynamics, making trend-following a more intuitive and successful strategy.

Application & Viability

Onda Candles are suitable for all market types and can be applied to various timeframes, from seconds to years, making them a versatile tool in a trader's toolkit. By incorporating Onda Candles into your trading strategy, you can anticipate having a nuanced and insightful perspective on market trends, enhancing your decision-making process and potentially boosting your trading success.