Frequently asked questions

FAQ Section

Yes, TradingMaster academy is completely free.

We created the academy with three goals in mind:

1. EDUCATE aspiring traders by offering free, high quality education.

2. create a streamlined course that's simple to follow for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders.

3. give a big "f**k you" to an industry full of overpriced courses and exploitative marketing practices.


Our powerful indicators will work on every market.
crypto, stocks, indices, forex, futures, commodities - you name it.

is tradingmaster beginner friendly?

TRADINGMASTER has been created to help traders and investors of all walks of life.

tradingmaster lite
was created for busy investors who want to optimize their dollar-cost averaging strategy and make the most out of their long-term investments.

tradingmaster pro
and academy were created to help beginner, intermediate and advanced traders understand the markets to the maximum of their ability in order to succeed in every endeavour.


We are still working on tradingMaster Academy so currently the content is locked.

if you've registered for our free membership however, you will receive an email as soon as it's AVAILABLE.

trust us. it's worth the wait.


TradingView is the Platform our indicators were developed on and you must use tradingview in order to access them.

FIND our 'how to use' guide on YOUR user dashboard or alternatively use the following steps:

1. log into your TradingView Account 
Open any Chart
Click on 'Indicators'
Click on 'Invite-Only Scripts'
Click on the Indicators to add them to your chart

This works on both desktop and mobile.


Nothing in life is a magic pill to success.
TradingMaster cannot guarantee you will win every trade and make money every single time.

tradingmaster is a TOOL that simplifies YOUR experience so that you can make the most out of the markets.


access to our indicators should be granted automatically once you've submitted all the necessary information.

if you're experiencing issues - please reach out to or submit a ticket on our discord.


Because of the nature of the product we do not offer refunds on any of our indicators - this is to avoid Any exploitation of our algorithms.

however, you can cancel at any time - so you can try out any of our monthly membership plans before committing to a longer one.